The Walker-Buckler River Ranch

The finest open range hunting in Texas

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at Walker-Buckler.
The Walker-Buckler River Ranch requires half of the booking fee as deposit (non-refundable), payable when the hunt is booked. The remaining booking fee is to be paid upon arrival at the ranch. Additional trophy fees incurred upon the harvest of an animal must be paid prior to leaving the ranch.
The only necessities to bring include:
  • Rifle and ammo (good to bring a back-up in case of malfunction)
  • Clothing
  • Personal items
  • Cooler large enough to transport meat back home
  • Texas Hunting License
Call or email for more information and pricing.
Or this cost per inch"
  • Trophy and Management Whitetail Hunts
Price: Starting at $4,000
Per Hunter - Half Down-Deposit/Other half on arrival
Bucks Scoring up to 139" - $4000
  • Up to 139" - $4,000 Flat Management Fee
  • 140" - 159" - Add $1,500 Trophy Fee
  • 160" - 179" - Add $2,500 Trophy Fee
  • 180" & Up - Add $4,000 Trophy Fee
We look forward to helping every hunter have a safe and memorable hunt of a lifetime! This past year, our intensely managed hunting operation has produced some of the finest whitetail hunting in this part of the state. We have made several improvements to the operation in the last two years. We have added over 40 protein feeders and over 30 blinds throughout the various terrain and food plots to help provide a hunting experience that will exceed your expectations.

We specialize in deer scoring 150"+/or above , but we can offer a hunt for any size or preference. You will typically see at least 10 or more bucks every time you sit in a blind. We have a wide variety of typical and non-typical class deer for you to choose from to make each day an exciting day in the field. We offer fully guided hunts to help provide each hunter with a safe and successful hunt. We offer a limited number of management and trophy hunts, so book early to reserve your hunt.